Get Married in Cyprus from all over the world. Couples from Jordan, Qatar, UAE, and All over Europe choose Cyprus.

I have arranged weddings for 100’s of couples who are residents and/or nationals of Jordan, throughout the middle-eastern countries, and all over europe to have civil weddings in Cyprus.  It has become increasingly more popular for foreign couples to get married in Cyprus over the last few years; more so now since covid-19 and now that travel is possible again are couples choosing to just elope.  From a pragmatic point of view, Cyprus is easy to travel to from both Europe and the Middle East, making it an ideal destination for those International couples living in the Middle East. It makes for a stunningly beautiful and convenient destination for you and your wedding party.

As with any wedding abroad, the legalities and documentation required can be a little tricky if you are unfamiliar with the process. We have extensive knowledge and can advise you on exactly what documentation is required for your wedding in  Cyprus. This is where we come in to help make your wedding day formalities stress-free! Whether it is a full-scale religious celebration or a quick and easy ‘express’ civil ceremony for two, we are able to provide a professional, and supportive service to equip you will all the details that you might need.

We will make sure that all your legal documentation and administrative requirements are checked and accurate before your arrival in Cyprus, giving you peace of mind.

It is very important to know that there are extra formalities in making your marriage in Cyprus authentic and recognized in your country after your ceremony.  In order to legalise your marriage, your wedding certificates will need to be sent by courier to the appropriate government ministers and in some cases to your country’s Embassies in Cyprus which will be relevant to your country of residence. This action takes place after your marriage ceremony and normally takes about 2 – 3  days to be apostilled and returned to you. It is possible to have your apostilled marriage certificates delivered to you whether you are still in Cyprus or back in your country of residence; as we understand in some cases you can only manage a couple of days in Cyprus.

In addition to handling the legal requirements, we provide you with the full-day assistance of one of our wedding planners and are able to provide witnesses for your civil ceremony. For those not wanting a full-blown wedding celebration, but instead wanting a quick, civil ceremony, wedding license applications and civil marriage ceremonies can take place on the same day.

Civil ceremonies are simple, quick, and easy for those who would like to fly back home promptly. If any extras are desired, such as flowers, transport, photography, etc., this can all be arranged and taken care of by us. If you would like more information on documentation and marriage laws, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we would be happy to help you plan your wedding day here in Cyprus.

To ensure the success of your wedding day and your peace of mind, we require scanned copies of all of your documentation before you arrive in Cyprus. It is very important that you bring all the required original documents with you personally. Please note that only original documents are acceptable; photocopies or digital documents are not accepted.

It is not impossible to have a ‘last-minute’ wedding, and we are able to fast-track all of the legalities as well as the processing of your information. However, we cannot be held responsible for any changes to the time and date of service or wedding arrangements that are beyond our control. In the case of incorrect or forgotten documentation (which may lead to the cancellation of the wedding), we cannot be held liable.

We help ensure that getting married in Cyprus is simple and stress-free for those that want to get married quickly with little fuss. You can leave all of the arrangements to us. Tell us your preferred date and we will organise everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To fast-track an ‘express’ wedding, please call us for more information and advice, as each individual couple requires different documentation depending on their nationalities, current passports, and country of residence. We have extensive knowledge and can give instant guidance and reassurance to you.

Call Stella for more information: +35799460499

or email her @ [email protected]

‘Stella Virdi made it the whole process so  simple and stress-free, Our day was amazing and exceeded our expectations

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