Magical Day

A bit sloppy but all true šŸ™‚

Sail away after your wedding ceremony
Sail away after your wedding ceremony


My husband and I had our dream wedding in Paphos in September 2015. It was truly magical and a lot of it had to do with the very personal and attentive service that Stella VirdiĀ provided. Not only did she offer advice on hotel reservations and which Town hall was best suited to us, but she was also very helpful when I was having trouble obtaining some of my documents in Austria for the wedding. During the wedding planning she was always available for a chat, especially with my fussy bridesmaid.

Most importantly, she really made us feel like we were the only couple whose wedding she was planningā€¦ she sees this every day but you only do it once. Even on the morning of my wedding day I decided that I wanted real flowers in my hair, which was crazy, but Stella made it happen.

We had a great photographer, a really great hair stylist and the reception venue(a boat!) was exactly what we wanted for our very small wedding party. All in all everything was exactly the way we imagined, just perfect.


Thanks again for everything(BTW our stamped wedding certificates Ā arrived safely Ā  yesterday!)


Michelle Chehab