1 Day Express Weddings in Cyprus! 




Fly in – Get Married – Fly Out!


Weddings for residents and nationals from the UAE, Lebanon and Israel are on the increase here in Cyprus. And it’s not wonder when you consider the fact that it’s a

Short flight to our beautiful island where you have the flexibility to marry in a religious or civil ceremony.


As one of the growth centers of the world the UAE and surrounding countries in the middle east are continually drawing in

people from all over the world. And where there are people there will be love! However due to legal restrictions in some countries it isn’t possible for men and women to cohabitate unless they are immediate family or married to each other. Due to this many couples find that they will need to obtain

a marriage certificate to avoid any legal ramifications before living together.

Elope To Cyprus
Stress Free Weddings for couples travelling from UAE

Exclusive Weddings Cyprus can help! We now offer an exclusive 1 day Express Wedding to help meet your needs.


What if you want to have a reception dinner after the ceremony and/or stay for a honeymoon? No Problem!


We provide the flexibility of 1 day weddings to certain nationalities as it is available, it’s quick and sometimes

necessary for our clients, however we will always tailor your wedding to your own vision no matter how simple or

flamboyant you want to be!


The Legal Side


We know that it can be difficult and overwhelming when planning any wedding, and even more so when trying to plan a

wedding in a different country which neither of you are from! Stella is our specialist wedding planner and she is experienced in

organising the legal paperwork for nationalities from all over the world. Stella will help and guide you through

obtaining all the legal paperwork you will require prior to your arrival in Cyprus so that you can fully enjoy your wedding



Why not find out more about getting married in Cyprus



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8 thoughts on “1 Day Express Weddings in Cyprus! ”

  1. Stella, can you tell me what qualifies for a three day notice express wedding? There is no way we can all be there for 20 days

    1. Hi Jean, There are no laws here in Cyprus to say you need to be here a certain amount of time before your wedding. As long as you have all your documents in order, you can arrive either the night before your wedding or even the morning of your wedding, needs to be before 9.30 am. I can organise your wedding license and then your civil ceremony all in one morning. You may keep seeing on-line that you need to be here 3 days before, this is an old rule, it no longer applies. I think it originated from tour operator weddings, where they allocated a planner once couples arrived, so 3 days would give them time to get organised.. with private planners it much easier. hope this helps. When are you looking to marry?
      Warm regards

  2. I want to inquire if you cater to a civil legal wedding with no guests, just me and my fiancee with a unique venue.
    tentative date august 14 2019

    1. hello – yes i can assist you in a one day wedding.
      i will email you details on town hall ceremonies for two

      1. thanks for your inquiry re marrying in Cyprus, i have emailed your girlfriend and explained all with regards to marrying here

  3. Just wondering if these are still available with the pandemic going on… We’re likely going to have to cancel our UK wedding so just want something quick and easy now!

    1. Hello Yvonne, apologies, missed your message, are you still wanting assistance in marrying in Cyprus, would love to organise it for you.

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