Perfect Elopement unexpectedly Wonderful

“We live in Dubai and decided for a romantic elopement rather than a big wedding. We looked at many locations but Cyprus seemed like the most convenient in terms of paperwork and easiest to get to. For us, the goal was to make it as simple and painless and quick as possible – enter Stella! From start to finish the process took 6 weeks, complicated by the fact that my husband is a French national divorcee who had a number of extra steps to take before we were ready for the big day. Stella was a constant source of support from the beginning, guiding us through the myriad of paperwork required, notarised translations, steps to take etc. Not just that but she endured a few tears of stress from my end…alas I did not achieve the painless goal, but Stella definitely helped smooth out any niggles along the ways. I did end up getting a bout of bridezillaitus, despite my resolve to take it easy – Stella remained solid and was a great comfort! In Cyprus, Stella was with us constantly, guiding us through paperwork, attestations, stamps etc. etc. etc. We would certainly not have been able to have done it without her – and in the end, our elopement turned out to be more perfect than we could ever have hoped for.

memories Memories for years and years to come
Happily Ever After

Thank you Stella! You will be part of our memories for years and years to come :)”

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