Diane and Terry

Married in May 2012 at the Coral Beach Hotel.

Just wanted to say a really big thank you to you for organising the wedding for us, no hitches and it was so reassuringly knowing you were in the background for me. I really enjoyed the day and the boat even if no one else did.

Please give Sherrie a hug from me and say thank you for her decorating skills, the terrace looked lovely and bless her I know she diced with danger on those steps, tell her to be careful. Did you find the lanterns? Such a shame that they go missing they looked so nice.

Please say a big thank you as well to the cake lady, what a wonderful job she did I was so impressed with it and she made the table look so nice, Loved my flowers as well know I was a bit indecisive but I had faith in you and the flower lady and you both did a fantastic job..

Kerry, bless her such a nice lady and I know she felt so bad about changing the venue to the amphitheatre but not her fault and the pictures looked lovely.

Feel a bit weepy thinking about you all and how nice you all were.

We really did have a lovely day and a day to remember, love the pictures on your Facebook page and on the CD you did for us, thank you so much. The one of little Jessica is amazing, think I am going to get that one enlarged.

You mentioned that you have somewhere where I can write something for you where was that?

It was so nice meeting you Stella and it would be great to keep in touch am so glad you were with me on the day, not just as my wedding planner but as a lovely person and someone who I connected to and wanted with me

Love to you and Sherrie and your family

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