Looking For A Wedding Planner in Pafos

Planning a wedding is to plan for one of the most personal, intimate and important days of your life. This makes it equally important to choose the right person to help you fulfill your plans, therefore I think it apt that you should get to know a little about me:

I have lived in Cyprus for 25 years, and have been planning weddings for 10 of those years. After a long time in the wedding industry I feel I have perfected the art of organising wedding days. I use only the best and most trusted suppliers and venues, which my many years of experience have enabled me. Exclusive Weddings is a new division of Zaffron Weddings in which I have been coordinating and planning weddings for the last 10 years.

My career as a wedding planner began rather unexpectedly, but it is a job which I love and embrace whole heatedly. I really enjoy meeting my clients, and establishing a good connection with them as a wedding is such an intimate and involved process. It all culminates down to the big day, and so getting to help create that experience and be a part of such precious moments is an honor. I really care that all my clients needs are met and satiated so that they can live out the day that they have up until then only imagined.

Wanting to marry in Paphos, please contact Stella for wedding information



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