Magical And Most Perfect Wedding Day – Nicola & Ross

Where do we begin… After deciding to get married in Cyprus and being slightly worried the wedding wouldn’t be that something a little different if a holiday tour operator organised it, we thought we would Google ‘wedding planner in Cyprus’ and we came across a video ‘A nice day for a Greek wedding’ and from that moment I wanted to meet Stella

We emailed Stella and arranged to meet in May 2014, (and we married in October 2015) Ross, his mum and I spent 3 days searching for the perfect hotel and wedding venue but we’re really disheartened because we couldn’t find that something special that we were searching for. The following morning Stella picked us up and immediately I knew she would be able to organise us everything we wished for! Finally we chose the hotel to stay in which was also top on the list to hold our wedding until Stella pulled it out the bag and took us to the most amazing venue I have ever seen abroad!

That was it, when you know, you know…. Just like when you try on your wedding dress!!! I thought there would be no way we could afford this, I didn’t even think we could afford a wedding planner! But we could and it was the best money we’ve ever spent!

Stella was our fairy godmother… Whenever I emailed, texted, Facebook messaged, face timed, called she was on hand with solutions and nothing was ever a problem! When we thought something was a big deal Stella would soon put us right, the best part to having Stella as our wedding planner was there was no stress, no worry and you knew Stella would sort it!

We can honestly say if we hadn’t found Stella our wedding wouldn’t be the magical perfect day it was! Stella understood us, she knew what we wanted, she knew our budget and she helped us make changes and decisions to make it happen.

We spent a lot of time with Stella as we visited twice before the wedding and Stella was always happy to meet with us and take us to the florist, for a cake tasting and back and forth to the venue, Stella should be paid a lot more for what she does but you can see how much she enjoys her job and her bride and groom are number one!

When we arrived for the wedding itself Stella was the first to contact us, the day before the wedding Stella even managed to get hold of two more videographers as we decided we wanted a Drone for our big day, you can ask Stella anything and you know she will deliver!

On the big day itself Stella as always made sure the day was exactly what we wanted it to be, I didn’t need to worry about what the time was I knew Stella would make sure everything went to plan and on time and the whole day went like clock work!

The wedding day was just perfect and we couldn’t stop smiling

For us Stella was the most important person to have, if your undecided on having a wedding planner get in touch with Stella, our day wouldn’t have been so perfect without her!

Thank you so much love Nicola & Ross

March 2016

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