Andrene Kearney & Graham Rennie – 8 July 2013

Andrene Kearney & Graham RennieWe met at the end of August 4 years ago. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was out with a couple of friends in a local beer garden before I went to England for a year to complete my teaching degree. Graham was out with a friend watching football, we ended up in the same company and hit it off! We got engaged on the 27th of December 2010!

We always knew we wanted to get married abroad and originally planned for 2014 but brought it forward to 8th July 2013 about 9 months ago! Cyprus is somewhere neither of us have been and after looking at some wedding photos the decision was an easy one to make!

I contacted Stella after watching A Nice Day for a Greek Wedding and she set the ball rolling! We decided to get married in st. Paul’s pillar as the church ceremonies tend to be a little longer than civil ceremonies and we like the idea having readings and music etc. We have picked zaffrons to have our wedding reception as we both like the idea of having the place totally to ourselves, plus the pictures look great!

At the minute we have 52 people on our guest list, most are very close friends! We recently booked the Louis imperial beach hotel, after many email exchanges with Stella! We wanted to be sure we were booking the right place for us both! Stella has been a great help in our planning process! No matter how trivial or important your question or query is she is always at the end of the phone!! It is now less than 1 year to our wedding and we still have a lot of plan!! But I can’t wait!!! I am currently deciding what type of flowers I would like! I like the idea of the brooch bouquets but there are so many it’s hard to make a decision!!

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