Mother of Bride Testimonial

What can I say? Wow, Wow, Wow!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making such a wonderful day for Natalie, Josh and all of our guests.

We simply cannot fault one single thing and the wedding is still being talked about on facebook and within the family.  One guest said it was a fairtale wedding, another said he was going home to propose to his long term girl friend and another said it was so romantic that they had fallen in love all over again and would be marking the occassion by another addition to their family!!

We all had such fun the Greek dancers were just the best and everyone loved them, I am so glad we had them they gave everyone the push they needed to let their hair down.

I cried when I saw myslef after your makeup and hair team had worked their magic.  I don’t take enough care of myself in this manner on a daily basis (much to the disappointment of my husband) but he told me I looked gorgeous and that is the first time in our forty years together that he has said this – so please tell them that they have given me a very special moment to treasure. Natalie and all the bridesmaids looked equally beautiful but they have a good foundation to work with and youth on their side but they all looked amazing which the lovely photos you kindly sent showed.

The short video version received in time for our evening celebration at home made everyone of us cry.  Simply perfect and so well done please thank Martin Brenda and their daughter. We cannot wait to see the full version.

We are waiting with bated breath on the photos! Natalie fell in love with  Andreas and we can see from the video that he has taken them to some beautiful and romantic settings I just know we will be spoilt with fabulous pictures.  After all is said and done the photographs are the one thing which carry through for a lifetime and referring back to those captured moments helps us to relive the moment. Our wedding photos are thirty five years old and very regimented in comparison to todays relaxed and romantic staging but I still find myself reliving the day through them and it is a wonderful way to recall those people who have since passed away.

Sherie  did a fantastic job with our decorations – the tree at the chapel was for me the hi light – so beautiful and it starts the video so well. Thank you so much Sherry.

The floral arrangements and bouquets were exactly as Natalie had wanted. Annivia and her team did an outstanding job everything was perfect and so pretty it was really hard to leave any of it behind.  I do hope Annivia is well as Natalie told me she was in hospital following a fall. Please send her our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

The cake was both very beautiful and tast; I loved that it was sophisticated and not over complicated. Our thanks to Love Island.

Rev Rod was so funny and friendly all the guests enjoyed his service and the intimate touch of going to greet the guests personally, it was so appreciated and added to the warmth of the occassion. Please pass on our thanks to him, Chris and Helen.

Dan the DJ kept us all dancing and that is truly a mark of an excellent DJ. My husband did this when we first met and there was nothing worse than a party which fell flat, so we really do appreciate that he played all the music on Natalie and Josh’s very long list and threw in a few others to keep the party mood. The Okey Cokey was just great and took me back to being a child and Christmas party’s at my Grandparents house.  Another special moment to remember.

The Ayii Anargyri was just the best.   The food was amazing and there was so much of it; it was such a shame to have not been able to take home a doggie bag or at least some of the deserts! The waiting staff were fantastic and after some encouragement joined us for some impromptu dancing; Nicos in particular seemed to enjoy the interaction but I hope the management were OK with this; as we did pull them up and into our celebrations it was not of their instigation. I will send an email to the reception team to thank the staff involved in the administration, catering and the cleaning team as Josh became ill over night as a result of too many shots and Natalie did not get the honeymoon baby she was hoping for (lol). Nat and Josh are very embarrassed but grateful for the kindness and patience shown by the hotel staff in resolving this. Josh appeared to have no recollection of it the next day but I don’t think Nat will let him forget it in a hurry (punishment enough).

I hope I have not overlooked anyone who contributed to the day but really you are the person who deserves the most thanks. You put up with us over a very long period.  It is difficult to know what you are getting when you are so far away and only have email and pictures to go on but we could not have chosen a better person to place our daughters wedding day with. There are not words enough to express our thanks. On the day I relaxed for the first time and allowed you to do what you do so well, I knew you were in control and I could stop worrying. Everything went off without a hitch and our guests have said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. The chapel the venue and the decorations obviously set the stage but the work behind the scenes is what made it carry through so well and that is down to you Stella. You have selected an excellent team and your standards are worth maintaining because they achieve the dream for the couple getting married and other people obtain some along the way too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Unfortunately I do not have anymore daughters to marry off but I know that some of our guests do and after the day they experienced will be giving real consieration to repeating this experience for their own. I have your details ready and waiting to give to them.


This may be the last time I email you Stella but it has been a pleasure to deal with you and to meet you and your team, if you ever require any assistance with clients who require reassurance about the Exclusive Weddings service please give them my email address.

We send our love to you all in sunny Cyprus form a cool, grey and muggy England.
Cheryl xxxx



The Cyprus Wedding of Natalie and Josh, Ayii Anargyri Healing Spa Resort, Paphos

Natalie and Josh O'Conner's Wedding Day
Mother and daughter

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