Natalie Meredith & James Brown – 12 May 2014

Natalie Meredith & James BrownAs for were we met, we use to work together and we flirted for a while in the office, he worked in the warehouse and i was in the office.
He would come into the office to get cups of water at least 4 times an hour to look at me and smile, then came the flirting. Until one day his friend told me that he knew someone in the warehouse who really liked me, to which my reply was well there is someone i really like and it turned out to be James.

Because we worked together we decided to keep quiet for a while until everyone saw us holding hands along the street and the cat was out of hte bag.

We get on really well and have done since day one, but the big thing in our relationship is that we talk and laugh all the time.
James is my best friend and he knows ever secret i have got and we share almost everything.

Well he planned a romantic trip to the christmas fare in hyde park Winter Wonderland, booked up the big wheel and was going to propose in the POD, but we was joined by 2 other couples and it was extremely squashed in there and he could not find the right moment to pop the question. So the next day we was putting our christmas tree up in our flat and he started to panic and felt that the timing was not right, so that was another day down.

I of course was wondering why everyone was calling me to see how the winter wonderland was, they all knew that he was going to propose.

But on the Monday he came home from work walked into the bedroom with pink roses my favorite and got down on one knee and asked the question.

I then cried and jumped into his arms and obviously said yes.

We choose Cyprus because we wanted to get married abroad and i was researching where and Cyprus appeared with information about Aphrodite goddess of love and we fell in love with it.

Aisling Doherty & Paul Cooke – 14 May 2014

Aisling Doherty & Paul CookeWe are going out 5 Years and met in our local pub called “The farmers Home”. We dated a few times the rest is history. We moved in together after 2 years.

Engagement 26th August 2011.
We decided to go away for a relaxing weekend and Paul booked us into ‘the Europa’ in Belfast. After we checked into the room Paul produced a lovely bottle of Champagne and popped the question while down on one knee! He even asked for my fathers permission! I couldn’t stop smiling and had a permanent smile on my face all day! The ring was beautiful….I love it and Paul picked it himself.

We always knew we wanted to get married abroad. We wanted something small and intimate and with little fuss and always wanted to have our close family and friends to be with us!

Wedding Planning
After endless searches on the Internet and a lot of research we finally settled on getting hitched in sunny Cyprus. We felt that our guests could have a holiday whilst also being there for our special day. We also heard a lot of good reports about Cyprus. A wedding planner was a must for me as I did not have a clue where to begin (we have never been to Cyprus before).
I discovered Stella’s website and she sounded like an honest and fun wedding planner.

We discussed our options with Stella and set a date with her. We are getting married on 14th May 2014 in St Paul’s Pillar, Paphos and hope to book a reception venue when we visit Cyprus next spring. Really looking forward to the planning! It won’t be long flying by!

Aisling & Paul

Alex & Tom – Mr. & Mrs. O’Donnell – 23rd July 2013 – Paphos Town Hall Civil Ceremony

Alexandra Hackett married her sweetheart Thomas O’Donnell today at Paphos Town Hall.

Such a cute and quirky couple – young and in love. What a pleasure to attend this delightful wedding.

Stella from Exclusive weddings wish Alex and Tom all the best for their future together, may all your plans and dreams come true and may you adopt lots of wonderful babies…

Jenny and Colin Wilson Married 4th July 2012 at the Coral Beach Hotel

“We’ve been raving about you Stella, getting married in Cyprus was the best decision we’ve ever made. Thank you!”

Jenny and Colin Wilson got married at the Armonia Terrace in Coral Bay. The weather was perfect, lovely breezes and everyone had an amazing day. Jenny and Colin were over the moon with their wedding. I met them the next day for drinks and they were glowing with happiness. All the pre-wedding stress was totally unnecessary as Jenny now agrees.

You’re were the most amazing couple and it was an honour to be a part of your special day. Thank you! – Stella